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Energy and Breath

"Increasing the flow and amplitude of our life-force energy awakens and activates the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and restore itself according to its magnificent blueprint."


“In our essence, we are already whole. Distortions overlaid on top of our essence obscure our conscious view of this truth. Recognizing that we are already whole will begin a powerful shift in our being and our experience of life.”


Aligning our Body, Mind, and Personality to our

Magnificent Divine Blueprint.

Jason Yoon, West Marin Pharmacy

I would like to thank the Pt. Reyes Community for the heartfelt welcome you’ve extended to myself and my wife, Zsuzsanna. This class is a contribution that I feel guided to offer to the community. The class will be an organic evolving one. My plans for the class include the following lessons:


Our physical bodies are a condensed manifestation of the design template laid down by our energy and spiritual bodies. Negative thoughts and resulting emotions distort that energy template first, interfering with the life-force energy that needs to flow to every part our body to maintain health. Then these distorted energy flow patterns condense and get embodied in our physical bodies.


There's only one disease--low level wellness. All the labels for myriads of diseases are the opportunistic manifestation of low-level wellness. By cleansing oneself of the negative energies embodied in us, we have the power to restore ourselves according to the magnificent original template--to be well, whole and perfect of body, mind and personality.


The Breath of Life: An experiential introduction to one of the most powerful and speedy ways to increase the flow and amplitude of our life-force energy.


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